Legal Framework

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Act on renewable energy sources
Law on the Spatial planning
Act on Preservation of Agricultural Land
Forests Act
Energy Act
Law on Environmental Protection
Ordinance No. 7 on rules and standards for the organization of the different arts of territories and organizational zones
Ordinance No. 6 on connection of electric energy producers and users to the electrical transmission grid
Ordinance No. 3 on preparation of statements and records during construction
Ordinance on licensing the activities in the energy field
Prices of electric power, sold by producers, approved by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission
Ordinance No 14 dated 15.06.2005 for the technical rules and standards for design, construction and use of facilities and equipment for production, transformation, transmission and distribution of electricity.
ORDINANCE № 14 of 29.09.2000 on the Airports and the Airport Safety Issued by the Minister of Transport and Communications, published. SG. 103 of 16.12.2000
Regulation No. 16 of 19.06.2004 on the easements of the energy installations