The reputation Ventus Bulgaria Ltd builds and the philosophy that we day-by-day follow in our work, is of a provider of quality services with high added value. With the experience we have, we can offer a number of services to cover either the overall development of a wind farm or individual elements of it - from locating suitable sites, conducting a procedure for change of designation of the land,  design and overall project management to its construction and commissioning. 

According to the requirements of the investor, we can also offer execution of different stages of the project development, such as conducting of an EIA procedure, Due Dilligence, advisery services, maintenance after commissioning etc.

  • When developing a greenfield project, we offer:
    • Project development:
      • Identification of wind potential areas
      • Location of suitable sites
      • Elaboration of a plan with accurate position of the wind turbines in the future park
      • Land lease/purchase of the necessary plots for the wind farm
      • Wind measurement by placing a measuring mast
      • Change of designation of land
      • Design of a Detailed Development Plan and Plot plan for the wind park
      • Elaboration of Environmental Assessment and report on Environmental Impact Assessment
      • Elaboration of the necessary designs
      • Building Permit
      • Preliminary and Final grid connection agreements
    •  Construction of the wind park - construction and installation.
    •  Signing of a Power Purchase Agreement.
    •  Connection to the grid.
    •  Commissioning.
  • For projects on stage of construction or into commission, we offer:
    •  Preliminary technical, legal and financial Due Diligence for assessment of feasibility of the project in respect to the Bulgarian legislation.
    •  Environmental Due Diligence of existing projects.
    •  Elaboration of a Business plan and advisory services for financing the project.
    •  Maintenance and financial administration of the wind farm.